Tina Kaul, London, UK, 2016:

"Sophie is the best yoga teacher I have been to. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease and explains easy ways in which to master the yoga poses. She is so passionate about yoga and meditation and her enthusiasm really rubs off!"

Courtney Wickham, Bathurst, Australia, 2016:

"Restorative Yoga was recommended to me not long after I was diagnosed with cancer. Following surgery and chemotherapy it was a wonderful and gentle way to start moving again. I found Sophie through a personal recommendation and I am so pleased that our paths crossed! Sophie is patient and thorough with her instructions and explanations, (I had never done yoga before). You move very slowly and carefully into and through each position, and then "relax into" each pose. This also gave me an opportunity to practice breathing and mindfulness. There were some positions that were beyond me due to pain from surgeries, but Sophie always had an alternative pose to cater to my needs. I found these classes so relaxing and yet energising. My range of movement increased after each class and I felt chronic pain begin to reduce. I look forward to returning after my final surgery a few weeks ago! Thank you Sophie - look forward to seeing you again soon!"

Lucy Thomas, Australia and UK 2016

Sophie's yoga class was like no other I'd ever been to. I've tried (and tried and tried) yoga, and always understood the health benefits but could never quite find a class I enjoyed. Sophie's restorative yoga classes have helped me with my meditation practice, and made me realise that there is no right or wrong - and to just accept. It was like a light switch had been turned back on! Sophie is such a great teacher and full of energy and enthusiasm. I thoroughly recommend her for those with chronic illnesses or indeed those who haven't found their perfect class or teacher just yet!

Elisa Holgate, Bathurst, Australia, 2016:

I was referred to Sophie by my doctor, who thought that yoga would be a good way to do gentle exercise without triggering my chronic fatigue. Sophie was incredibly supportive, and always reminded me to relax in Child's pose if I was finding a particular pose too hard, and gave me blankets to keep warm. I still use a breathing exercise Sophie shared called Viloma 1 when my anxiety levels rise, and find it calms me very quickly. Restorative yoga helped me start each week in a calm and positive mood, even in the middle of winter!

Sheila Ginnity, Melbourne, Australia, 2016:

"I'd practiced yoga for over 10 years previously but sadly couldn't manage it anymore due to ill-health so I was delighted when Sophie and her tailored classes came along. After each class Ifeel eased, opened, relaxed and lightened. I feel centered both physically and mentally and this feeling of balance lasts for a couple of days. It is like magic - from an hours class! Sophie really understands my health needs and restrictions and offers a beneficial class that's also really enjoyable. Sophie is a most caring and remarkable teacher!"

Matt Baillie, Bathurst, Australia, 2016:

‚Äč"I was drawn to Sophie's yoga practice as a sufferer of chronic fatigue. The fact that the program focused on the management of my condition was a huge positive. I found the atmosphere very friendly and welcoming and the exercises and activities had a positive influence on the management of my condition"

Diana C, Melbourne, Australia, 2012:

"Your approach to yoga is unique and your ideas about creating yoga classes for people who are chronically ill are really good. Its at times of real difficulty that yoga is most needed, and I don't think there is enough recognition of that in the yoga community - yoga for people that are unwell. Your classes were great. You are such a good person and have a lot of concern for the people around you"

Linda Jane, Bathurst, Australia 2014:

"I took my 1st restorative yoga last Sunday with Sophie and at 1st I thought it was very relaxing but didn't do much, but the next day when I woke up I felt the difference. I woke up with no pain for the 1st time post pregnancy, I got through my day and played with my son absolutely pain free! Thank you so much for bringing restorative yoga to Bathurst Sophie"

Dr Colvin, Bathurst, Aus, 2014 

Sophie's restorative yoga sessions were fantastic in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I got to practice some great poses that offered me some rare comfortable moments in the weeks leading up to labour. I look forward to continuing restorative yoga post partum. Thanks Sophie!

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