About Sophie and her teaching

Sophie is the owner of ekAgra Yoga, an organisation that focuses on teaching people with chronic conditions - including everyday stress -  the tools of mindfulness, breathing and Yoga postures. She specialises in a healing form of yoga called Restorative Yoga.  Sophie is a PhD Candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and has completed her Masters and Double Honours degrees from the University of London.

Sophie, teaching since 2008, has been taught by two of the great living yoga masters, Nicky Knoff and Judith Lasater (both trained by BKS Iyengar). Sophie is passionate about sharing meditation, pranayama and yoga asana as therapeutic skills. She first learned meditation in the Theravada Buddhist tradition from the generous monks at Wat Langka, Cambodia and continued her Vipassana learning through Goenka’s Vipassana training in Australia. Sophie teaches meditation and mindfulness for stress-reduction and delivers workshops. She has presented to and trained registrar General Practitioners as part of their training curricula and to General Practice Practice Managers. She currently teaches mindfulness to staff at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst. Sophie teaches yoga in NSW, Australia and overseas.

The postures, sequences and meditations that Sophie teaches are designed to help release toxins, enhance the lymphatic and therefore, immune system, balance PH levels, calm and restore the nervous system, restore balance, reduce stress and keep the body conditioned. This is WITHOUT over-exertion and whilst remaining within people's energy envelopes. Sophie recovered from ME/CFS and FMS herself in 2012 and now aims to help others through practice, teaching and research. 

As well as running her own Yoga business in Melbourne for people with Chronic Illnesses, she has taught workshops and classes all over the world including in Cambodia, Nepal and Australia. She taught at the Nataraj Yoga Studio, Cambodia's longest running Yoga Studio.

Sophie is currently working on an ARC Discovery grant project investigating women's use of health services and self-care for chronic illnesses  through University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Her research focuses on the results of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH) and the 45 and Up Study. For her PhD thesis, she is studying women’s  use of health services and self-care for sleeping problems.

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